Solar AM/FM NOAA Weather Hand Crank Radio with 1200mAh Power Bank, LED Flashlight for Emergency

100% Praise Rate 5 Reviews
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【HOME & OUTDOOR NECESSARY】As reported, we used to experience several times natural disasters per year like hurricanes"Harvey", Wildfire, and so on. RunningSnail emergency weather Radio will keep your family safe through it all. This Weather Radio can timely report emergency weather alerts in your areas to be well prepared; A 1200mAh Built-in Li-ion battery to charge most of the device until power back; A LED flashlight with rugged cover design could light up your darkness.

【1200mAh PHONE CHARGER】When we are trapped in an emergency,RunningSnail's emergency radio with a 1200mAh emergency power bank may be our life-saving tool. The emergency portable radio works with most USB powered devices, which could provide enough emergency power for important calls to your family, the emergency services, or for contacting assistance in emergency situations.

【3-WAY POWER SOURCES】The solar crank radios with multiple power backup options are the best choice in the emergency package. 3 Power Source including Hand Crank, Solar Panel, Built-in Li-ion Rechargeable Battery, to make it easier to keep the emergency radio running during a prolonged situation where power is off and batteries have been used up. Never Power outage!

【PORTABLE RADIO WITH FLASHLIGHT】This pocket-sized portable emergency radio's dimension is 5*1.8*2.4inch and weight 0.5 LB, which is surprisingly small and light. Also, it comes with 1W LED Flashlight, which will cut through the blackness and maximize visibility. Carrying around a large unit is quite difficult when you have to move around during emergencies, this emergency radio is a smart choice.

Praise Rate
100% 5 Reviews
Decent Unit with good capabilities for a good price
Dec 21 2021
We got it yesterday and I used it a bit today. The LED flashlight is really bright and local radio comes in clear. The crank is easy to use and it is easy to plug in to my phone to charge it. You can also plug this device into the wall using a phone charger to keep it charged until you need it. Hopefully we won't have to use it for an extended period any time soon, but I am really glad we now have it.
Nov 23 2021
it already, as we were able to light the flashlight, which is very bright and should be good for most situations. We did some cranking for a few minutes to test the radio. Worked great. Got to the weather band easily and picked up a broadcast for our area. Very assuring! Also picked up FM and AM. Handy indicator light lets you know when you are getting to a good signal.
Dec 14 2021
VERY pleased and will most likely order another as a Christmas gift.
Dec 03 2021
Compré este radio porque es muy útil, puede cargarse mediante energía solar, mediante la palanca manual ( hand crank), tiene radio am/fm, y linterna., así mismo tiene conexión para cargarse por USB para conectarse a la energía electrica.
Dec 28 2021