RM4 Pro Infrared Radio Frequency Smart Remote APP Control Works with Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT

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RM4 pro and HTS2 Sensor Accessory integrate the functions of temperature and humidity sensor and power cord. Connect the sensor cable between the RM4 pro and the USB adapter, just like a normal USB cable. On the RM4 pro control panel of the BroadLink application, it will display the temperature and humidity of the room where the sensor is located. Set up triggers, such as automatically turning on the air conditioner when the temperature rises.

High compatibility-supports RF (433MHz) controlled devices, such as curtain/shading motors, projectors and light switches; supports 50,000+ infrared control devices, such as TVs, set-top boxes, air conditioners, fans, video recorders, DVDs, etc.; not applicable to Bluetooth . The supported device library is constantly updated by the cloud, so your RM4 pro is always compatible with updated devices. If some cloud data is not available, you can choose to program and learn buttons for your device.

Voice control and IFTTT-use with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT ("BroadLink" skills/services). Just set it up with Amazon Echo or Google Nest, you can voice control your IR device, turn it on/off, change TV channels, and adjust the temperature of the air conditioner. IFTTT can add more home automation settings. Siri voice control is also available on iPhone.

Multifunction-Create multiple timers, scenes, and routines as needed to control home IR and RF control devices, such as arranging a time to turn on the TV to a specific channel to watch your favorite games or TV shows. Families can share remote controls with each other through the invite and join functions in the app.

Praise Rate
100% 3 Reviews
This little thing works very well for my TV, soundbar and AC. But I wish Alexa had more commands for my TV and Soundbar. Although BroadLink claims that the device is multidirectional, it still needed a line of sight to work with my AC. But overall, the convenience of controlling my dumb AC by voice and my phone is awesome.
Dec 27 2021
I recently got the RM 4 Pro it's a great little device I got it mostly because I have a few RF devices I wanted to control and some older electronics that use IR.
Dec 25 2021
He agregado varios dispositivos y los controlo desde mi celular, ya sea de la misma marca o otros compatibles
Dec 19 2021