Retro Typewriter Keyboard Bluetooth 5.0 Punk Round Keys for Desktop PC/Laptop Mac/Phone (Wooden/Black)

100% Praise Rate 5 Reviews
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Easy connection: Upgrade Bluetooth 5.0 version, A to B or C device switch faster, no longer complain about the boring of slow switching.

Turn on and off the lights at will: Pull the lever to adjust the white LED light mode, which is very interesting at work. You can also adjust the volume and brightness of the light by turning the wheel.

Built-in hot-swappable blue switch: Classic typewriter style combined with high-quality hot-swappable blue switch keyboard technology. Speed up typing and enjoy the "click" feeling of the old royal typewriter.

Modern technology relives the retro style: The panel is made of aluminum alloy metal electroplated wood grain, with black tie rods and rollers, and electroplated round keycaps. Every detail perfectly presents the retro style.

Stronger compatibility: Compatible with Android, Windows10, iOS and Mac OS mobile phones, tablets or laptops. You can connect it to a desktop computer via a USB cable.

Praise Rate
100% 5 Reviews
I bought one of these, it's beautiful. That said, it is amazing looking. I didn't think I would like the lights, but I do. It would make a great gift for a writer.
Nov 20 2021
The keyboard syncs easily to my laptop, iPad, and phone. The charge holds for several weeks and I use my keyboard exclusively every day for several hours each day. You get a pop-up message letting you know that your keyboard has x% left and needs to be charged soon. You can still use the keyboard while it is charging and there are indicator lights that let you know when it is fully charged. This keyboard is fun to use and really makes me want to write more. The sounds are reminiscent of the old manual typewriters, and because those typewriters are now so expensive, not to mention with keys that are difficult to push down, this is a great alternative for the same feel electronically. In over 2 months of use, I have not had any negative experiences. Absolutely love this keyboard and recommend it!
Dec 21 2021
A FABULOUS product. The keys are wonderfully steam punk, the LED's are bright and weave amazing patterns, and a joy to type from. It even shipped with two snap-in replacement switches in case there is trouble down the road! Buy one now!
Nov 22 2021
I bought this keyboard because of the way it looked and the description that is sounded and felt like using an old typewriter. I love the way it looks and the way it sounds. You are able to change the way the keys light up or turn the lights off entirely. It can be used by connecting directly to your computer/laptop or via bluetooth. The same connection is used to charge the battery for use when it is not connected directly to your computer. Very nice.
Nov 03 2021
I'm typing this review on the keyboard now. Wow. I'm a tactile person, and I love the clicks and sounds of the keyboard! I'm using it on my Surface Tablet, and also my Surface Duo. The keyboard came with a USB cord. It also works perfectly with my Surface Duo. such a fun way to type! Super happy with this fun little purchase :)
Dec 24 2021