Backlit Mini Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad Mouse Combo and Multimedia Keys (Lithium Battery / Dry Battery)

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Quick view:

- It works as a mouse, which converts your space movement in the air into an accurate displacement on the screen.

- It works as a keyboard, and you can use it portable to replace your usb keyboard.

- It works as a remote, which you can program and learn some important keys from your TV remote.


Home entertainment, multimedia education, training, meetings, presentations and computer remote control computer-controlled; Car TV, HTPC, big screen TV, smart TV, hard disk player, network player, X-BOX

Powerful functions:

1. 🔥3 in 1 Multifunction: wireless Keyboard + mouse + touchpad

2. 🔥7 Colors Backlit:

①Pressing the ‘Fn’ and ‘F1’ key to get Red Green Blue backlit modes until no backlight mode.

②Pressing the 'Fn' key and scrolling left and right at the bottom of the touchpad to switch 7 colors backlit.

3. 🔥8 Shortcut keys: The mini keyboard comes with 8 shortcut keys--on/off switch, mailbox, mute, left mouse button, search, home, browser homepage and right mouse button.


Connection: RF 2.4G wireless connectivity

Operating range: 10 meters(MAX), without signal disturbance and no direction limit.

Operational voltage: 3.3V

Amount of key: 92

Battery type: lithium battery or dry battery

TX Power: +5db Max

Operating current: 50mA (on), 1mA(sleep mode)

Charging current:<330mA

Material: Plastic and Silicone

Support System: Windows, Linux, Android/Google/Smart TV, Mac OS

Kindly Note:

1. This product has 2.4G wireless connection but no bluetooth function

2. This product only can use below 2A USB plug charge, otherwise, can burn out the product

Package Includes:

1x Wireless Backlit keyboard

1x Charging data cable (only lithium battery)

1x Wireless receiver

1x User manual



Praise Rate
100% 11 Reviews
Overall this remote keyboard is pretty nice, providing nice functionality with lots of options, including volume control, shortcut keys for common programs and 3 ways to perform a mouse click (mouse pad, left/right of touch pad, and two buttons located on the left side of controller).
Nov 19 2021
I highly recommend this for those that need a wireless touchpad keyboard for your PC. Now I can stand and work while using the Mini Keyboard, instead of sitting down for 8 hours a day in front of my work computer.
Dec 03 2021
This is a great product for the price!! The product arrived as expected. It's so simple to use. It's just plug and play! Yes that easy! The controls worked perfectly, even the shortcut buttons, well expect for the internet explorer shortcut. The manual only states three colors you can change between, but you can actually change between the rainbow colors! Press fn and f2 buttons at the same time, hold then down and scroll from left to right on the touchpad. That will scroll through the rainbow colors. The touch pad works perfectly. You can scroll and click as easy as a computer mouse. You may have to adjust how fast or how slow you prefer the mousepad to scroll up and down a page or you can just press the page up and down buttons on the right side of the Mini Keyboard.
Dec 01 2021
Best 2.4ghz mini keyboard out there...for the price. The selectable backlight colors (red, green, blue) are a nice touch. My favorite feature on this keyboard is the area where you can pause, play, and skip. Surprisingly, many of the mini keyboards around don't have this. On top of all of that, it feels ergonomically good in the hand. I give this keyboard 5 stars and will be buying more.
Nov 29 2021
The keyboard arrived within the packaging undamaged with a rechargeable battery installed. Once you remove the battery back plate, you'll find the usb dongle to insert into the device of your choice. My happens to be a smart tv. The keyboard instructions are simple to read and give a basic overview of the units operation. It worked flawlessly with Netflix, Youtube, and a few other apps preloaded on my tv.
Nov 20 2021
I've bought a number of these wireless mini keyboards. They're sold under different brand names but are identical. They have a cell phone type battery. When you're not actively using them, they go into sleep mode, so the battery lasts a long time between charges. You charge it by plugging it into a standard size USB port with the included cable. If you have an Android phone, your phone charger most likely could be used to charge it also. It comes with a USB dongle you plug into your device's USB port. You can then use this instead of the remote that came with your TV box or other device. I like these much better than using the candy bar style remotes that come with most TV boxes. You can actually type instead of having to annoyingly click on the on-screen keyboard. The built in touch pad also makes life a lot easier than trying to "mouse" around the page with arrows.
Nov 14 2021
It has to be easy to use - what little instructions it comes with are indecipherable. Still, a little experimentation reveals how to operate the keyboard, how to reset the wireless connection and how to cycle through the 3 colors that the keyboard can be lit by. It is handy in my work for connecting with industrial computers where a keyboard is usually not connected so users can be kept out of the operating system.
Dec 05 2021
i really like these things, they are perfect if you a computer as a media center as i do. Great product, fast ship and unbeatable customer service. i am a happy customer.
Nov 06 2021
I used this and another connection for my Amazon Fire Tv. The remote made everything so slow. This is perfect and the battery life is insane. I’ve never had to charge it. I just throw a USB in when I think it’s been long enough but the battery is unearthly.
Dec 07 2021
I was looking for a compact keyboard to use with my compustick that would be easy to store. This keyboard is small in size and has backlighting making it easy to use in the dark. The keys are pretty small so you can't type like on a full size keyboard but it works fine for what I use it for. The battery life is good (I turn it off when I'm not using it).
Dec 08 2021
I was skeptical of this product, especially considering the price.... but I am so glad we took a chance on it! Husband builds his own PCs to use for TV and gaming... most annoying part is having to keep the mouse and keyboard out for changing volume or exiting notifications, etc. This mini keyboard eliminated the need for both! We can easily unlock the PC, change the volume, and the TouchPad is workable enough to exit out of random pop-ups. The unit was wayyy lighter than I expected and has an on/off switch at the top. The USB plug in was a must have for us.
Nov 09 2021